trillectro music festival.
photo credit: john doe

cultures converge.

a portmanteau of “trill” (popularized by southern hip-hop legend Bun B, meaning “authentic” in hip-hop circles) and “electro” (short for “electronic”), trillectro embodies the festival’s credo. though hip-hop and electronic music may bring to mind separate, distinct experiences, trillectro is the sweet spot where cultures converge.

the second annual trillectro music festival continues where the historical inaugural event left off, bridging the culture gap between various music genres, and ending the summer with an unforgettable day of:

high-energy performances fueled by the crowd’s good vibes. DJs bumpin’ crowd favorites, hidden gems, and their own trill creations. gold teeth and glowsticks. live painting. fashionistas and sneakerheads. old friends. new friends (sorry, drake!). moon bounces. tasty treats from food trucks. the area’s dopest collectives repping. tank tops and tankinis. snapbacks. lighters and smartphones in the air. enough tweets, instagrams, and facebook posts hashtagged #trillectro to make anyone who missed it wish they hadn’t. awesome vendors selling everything under the scorching august sun. sponsored lounges where attendees engage with their favorite brands. cultures converging.

trillectro. a moving and memorable cultural experience, all happening in president obama’s backyard. this is the summer’s last hurrah; might as well end it with a bang.

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